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Old Tom is over 120 years old and still going strong; the original craft beer.

Celebrate great beer with an Old Tom Gift box complete with a branded Old Tom glass and 2 x 330ml bottles of Old Tom. It’s the purr-fect gift for a lover of craft beer and strong, dark ales.

At 8.5%abv, Old Tom is rich and warming with a distinctive port wine finish, bitter hops and balanced by the heady aromas of dark fruit.

Old Tom also gets better with age, so like a fine wine or whisky, lay one down to savour in the future. Something to look forward to…

Handy presentation gift pack with handle contains:

  • 2 x 330ml bottles of Original Old Tom
  • 1 x official Old Tom branded chalice

...the purr-fect choice for the Old Tom enthusiast.

Dubbed ‘The original craft beer’, this dangerously drinkable legend was born in 1899, when Tom, the old brewery cat, was sketched into immortality by the head brewer.

This superior dark ale is recognised, nationally and internationally, as one of the best strong ales in the world; winning some of the industry’s most prestigious awards, including World’s Best Ale and Champion Beer of Britain

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Dark Chocolate


Molasses, Vinous Fruit


Warming, Peppery, Rich



Dietary Guidelines

Contains: Malted BARLEY and WHEAT

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