Robinsons Brewery are delighted to announce the birth of their sixth foal, Hillgate Frederic, born at 12:50am on the Thursday 30th March. The birth follows the family brewers’ announcement in 2018 of their very own Shire Breeding Programme, with the gentle giants Shires having served Robinsons for over 100 years.

Helen Preece, Head Horseperson at Robinsons, commented: “On behalf of myself and the company, we are extremely pleased to be preserving and promoting the Shire Horse breed and are so happy with our newest foal. Both mother(Dolly) and foal are doing fine.

Hillgate Frederic is foal to Dolly, a 14-year-old registered Shire mare(pictured below with foal), and Sire is the bay stallion Daresbrook Sir Alfred owned by J Worthington of Alderley Edge.

Robinsons was built on the backbone of the Shire horse 184 years ago, which has continued to be an important part of our family business. When we started the programme, we confirmed to have our own registered prefix, ‘Hillgate’, with the Shire Horse Society, which all future foals will inherit. Hillgate Frederic is a wonderful new edition to our family.

Sire pictured above

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