Robinsons Brewery, situated in the heart of Stockport, are delighted to announce the birth of their third foal, Hillgate Cordelia’s Charm, born at 4:10am on the 5th of March 2021. The brand-new Bay Shire Filly foal arrived in the early hours, with four white legs and a blaze - both mother and foal are happy and healthy.

Back in 2018, the brewery, which has almost 2 centuries of solid history behind it, announced their very own Shire Breeding Programme. Helen Preece, Head Horseperson at Robinsons, explains: “When we started the programme, we confirmed to have our own registered prefix, ‘Hillgate’, with the Shire Horse Society, which all future foals will inherit. We are all so proud to be preserving and promoting the Shire horse breed – something Robinsons have been passionate about since the beginning of their business time. Cordelia’s Charm is a special new edition to the family and has brought a glimmer of joy during the pandemic.”

Cordelia’s Charm is foal to Dolly, a 12-year-old registered Shire mare, and Sire Penrhos Braveheart, owned by P & M Bedford, who in 2011 was named National Champion Stallion; the last black Stallion to win this accolade and the only living black National Champion Stallion. Braveheart was also the last horse to win National Champion whilst holding the title of Super Premium, joining a list of very few stallions to have held this honourable title.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Shire horses are being kept in a local field so cannot be seen at the brewery. But, to stay updated with the latest news on the foal, just follow Robinsons Shire Horses on Facebook here. For more information on Robinsons’ Shires, please visit their website here.

Notes to editor:

Shires have served Robinsons Brewery for over 100 years. Before the arrival of the internal combustion engine, Robinsons’ Shires were in the main brewery yard working every day to deliver traditionally brewed ales to local inns and hostelries. However, their primary use was inter-brewery work: moving bottles and cases between Unicorn and Hempshaw Brook Breweries in the 1950’s. The Shires also moved cinders from the main yard, spent hops and wastepaper.