A day in the life of Cordelia Robinson

We caught up with our Licensee Engagement Manager here at Robinsons, to get a deeper insight into the day to day life of Cordelia. She said… 

The wellbeing of our licensees is one of my main focuses, making sure mental health issues are kept on top of. There are some lingering strains on our licensees at the moment since the pandemic, including the cost of living, staff shortages and engaging in community life again. Some licensees don’t want counselling or to vent, some may want marketing materials for their pub, help with social media or retail standards, some literally just want to talk, so my role is quite evolving. It is important to try to find out where the gaps are and where we think our licensees need support the most.  

I see new licensees 3 weeks after they’ve started their journey, and then every month for 3 months to check that they’re content and fully supported by us, that they’re managing and coping ok, and to let them know I am here if they want to talk. I have just completed a Mental Health First Aid course and I am looking to start a counselling course, to help to expand my knowledge on these areas. My background is in paediatric nursing where I initially worked with neonatal babies and children under the age of 11, followed by a lengthy period working with adolescents and mental health. I’ve missed that side of things so it is rewarding to incorporate my background into the brewing and hospitality industry. It is an area that is often dismissed, and I firmly believe it is central to ensure people’s feelings are always accounted for.  

Although our licensees are around people all the time it is important to be aware that they, alongside customers in their pub, may still feel alone. I try to encourage licensee and community engagement by suggesting activities and events in and around the pub, which may help to combat loneliness. The pub is an essential part of our community, a place for everyone to come together and share thoughts, ideas and memories. I work closely with the Licensed Trade Charity and promote their great work to our licensees to let them know that there is further support available if needed."