Join us for a delightful chat with Tiarny, a flourishing apprentice at The Woodman Inn in Yorkshire! Read all about a typical day in her life at the popular Robinsons pub... 

“After completing my GCSEs at Greenhead College, I found my way into the world of hospitality. Coming from a background in a coffee shop and salon, I discovered a passion for connecting with people, which eventually led me to The Woodman. I started as a Front of House and then was promoted to Duty Manager, and am now undergoing an apprenticeship in Level 3 hospitality supervision (Food and Beverage)”. 

Tiarny witnessed a transformative phase when The Woodman became a Robinsons pub. She said “the change brought in more attention, structure, and support, with the Robinsons family fostering a sense of community. Despite being slightly out of the way, the pub doesn't miss out, thanks to the great support from the team”. Tiarny's typical workweek includes Sundays to Thursdays, but during the festive season, she's seen it all – bustling Christmas parties, weddings, and events. 

Tiarny's role is as diverse as the pub itself. After spending a considerable amount of time at The Woodman, she's confident in handling all aspects, be it the pub, restaurant, events, or hotel management. Her flexible approach is evident as she supports and supervises the events team, ensuring great service. Balancing the responsibilities of a Duty Manager with her apprenticeship adds an extra layer of excitement to her daily routine. 

When asked about her favourite aspect of working at The Woodman, Tiarny doesn't hesitate to mention the team. “The friendship is evident during work dos, casual chats, and shared drinks. I thrive off the challenges that pop up and I enjoy creating a home away from home for corporate stays who stay every week, or building connections with guests who make The Woodman their weekend retreat”. 

Tiarny walks us through a typical day, starting with breakfast for residents to lunch preparations. “Managers join in the hustle, ensuring everything is set and ready. As the day progresses, I oversee the bar, keep an eye on the guests, and ensures the transition into the evening. The Woodman's expansion, turning it from a row of houses into a large pub, adds an extra dimension to my responsibilities, as some of the rooms are across the road!” 

Tiarny attributes her success to a set of essential skills – multitasking, maintaining composure during peak hours, active listening, and quick thinking. Being a team player, striking a balance between fun and work, and ensuring everyone looks forward to coming to work are her keys to a thriving environment. 

The joy Tiarny finds in her role is evident when recalling busy days where the team is at their max potential. “I cherish fun moments, especially during weddings with photo booths, where I enjoy jumping in for pictures. And, of course, getting a slice of wedding cake is always a sweet bonus!” 

Tiarny sheds light on the behind-the-scenes action – the extensive prep work, meetings, and her involvement in housekeeping, changing beds, and ensuring the rooms look impeccable. Answering phones in the evening and addressing various issues, from faulty keys to heating problems, are all part of the job. 

On a lighter note, Tiarny shares her love for Robinsons beers, particularly Pitch! 

Beyond the routine, it's the shared moments, challenges embraced, and the passion for creating a welcoming atmosphere that defines Tiarny's journey.  

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