Buying and ordering Robinsons gift cards

Where can I buy Robinsons gift cards?

For use in selected pubs and our Visitors Centre

Gift cards for selected Robinsons pubs, all Individual Inns and Robinsons Visitors Centre are available to purchase; online through this website, in selected Robinsons pubs, in any Individual Inns or at our Visitors Centre. If you order online you can choose whether your gift card is received by email or by post.

For use in our online store only

If you wish to buy an e-gift voucher for use in our online store, please visit our store.


Who can I send an email to?

Email e-gift vouchers can be sent to anyone with a valid UK email address and can be scheduled for delivery at a time and on a date of your choice.

When I order an email e-gift voucher for a friend, how will I know it has been sent?

After you've made payment, you will receive an email detailing your order and confirming the delivery of your e-gift voucher.

What if the e-gift voucher is not received?

Contact our team and they will help you with your query.

Can I return my gift card or e-gift voucher?

Once purchased, gift cards and e-gift vouchers are non-refundable.

Gift card terms and conditions

Where can I find the gift card terms and conditions?

You can view our gift card terms and conditions at

Why does Eagle Eye Solutions Ltd. appear on my bank statement?

This website and orders for Robinsons gift cards made through the website are managed by our third party service provider, Eagle Eye Solutions Ltd., 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW, registered in England company number 04745717.

Gift card customers are contracting with Eagle Eye Solutions Ltd. and the payment for the gift purchase will show as Eagle Eye Solutions Ltd. on the bank statement. Eagle Eye Solutions Ltd. will be responsible for gift card refunds.

For assistance with a payment query, please contact Robinsons’ Customer team via email

Using a Robinsons gift card

My gift card has expired whilst your pubs are temporarily closed

If you are concerned that your gift card may expire whilst our sites are temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, we can extend the expiry date for you. Contact our team via email and they will help you with your query.

Where can I spend my Robinsons gift card?

Gift cards can be used in selected Robinsons pubs, any Individual Inns or Robinsons Visitors Centre. Please visit to view our full list of participating pubs and to view our full terms and conditions.

Can I use my Robinsons gift card in the online store?

Sorry, cards purchased through this website or direct in our pubs cannot be used in our online store. Store e-gift vouchers are purchased directly and only from our online store.

How do I spend an e-gift voucher received by email?

Simply show the email message  – which will contain a unique gift code – to your server.

Do I have to spend all the money on my gift card in one go?

Not at all. If there is any remaining balance on your gift card, feel free to come back and spend it before the expiry date.

For how long are they valid?

Our gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

How do I check my balance?

Check the balance and expiry date of your pub card or digital voucher here.

What happens if I lose my gift card?

Robinsons is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or unauthorised use of gift cards or e-gift vouchers.

I have an issue with my gift card, but I can't find the answer

Contact our team via email and they will help you with your query.