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Stockport-based brewer, ROBINSONS – one of only 32 independent family-run breweries in the UK – has today revealed an innovative new look for their iconic Old Tom range. Better still, the brewery has launched Blonde Tom; a brand new Belgian style blonde ale and the first new liquid in over nine years to join the Old Tom ranks.

The new beer, available in 330ml bottle, marks the start of a new era for this illustrious brand. Whilst Original Old Tom has been in production to the same recipe since 1899, the Old Tom trio of Original, Chocolate and Ginger have remained unchanged since 2008…. Until now.

Blonde Tom
Blonde Tom bottle shot

Focusing on up-and-coming contemporary artistry, the label was specially designed in conjunction with Gloucestershire based creative agency STRONG and an independent illustrator called Paul Robbins; based in Wales. His intricate eye for detail perfectly embodies the product’s spirit of confidence, clarity and modernity.

Explaining the vision behind the new look and the new liquid, Gill Yates, Brands Manager for Robinsons Brewery, explains: “Old Tom is engraved into our heritage at Robinsons. Its world fame has been built over more than a century and its proven qualities and long history have made it a firm favourite for traditional drinkers and craft enthusiasts alike. It has been with us since 1899, ever since our Head Brewer sketched the old brewery cat, Tom, into immortality, and over the years we have incorporated new flavour varieties such as Ginger and Chocolate. However, it has been almost a decade since we really did anything new with this incomparable brand. This is because we’ve been holding back an important brewery secret. One we’ve guarded for nearly 120 years… Old Tom matures beautifully over time. Even over years. This vital characteristic led to a central brand truth - some things get better with age, and so does Old Tom.”

When you have a beer that changes and improves with age like no other, the future starts to look really good. Not only is Old Tom a great tipple to enjoy in the here and now, but it’s also the perfect drink to save for the best times. Those special occasions that call for the perfect wedding or Christening gift? Good luck at university? A box of Old Tom under the stairs should be just about perfect when it comes to graduation day. Time to get the Christmas beers in? 

With Old Tom, there's always "something to look forward to".

The new look is bold, contemporary and rich; just like the beer. The design still incorporates the Tom Cat that has long been part of Robinsons’ history but it’s now a forward-facing character that is bold and striking. Its intricate illustration oozes craftsmanship and attention to detail communicating attributes of Old Tom's complex tastes.

Old Tom family
Old Tom: Blonde, Original, Ginger

This arresting, unusual and artistically crafted label marks a new chapter in the Old Tom story.

Gill continues: “We know we can’t trade on past successes, we have to look to the future. That’s why, in addition to designing an inspired new look for the range, we also decided to welcome a new beer to the Old Tom family. As our first Robinsons beer to ever be brewed with Belgian yeast, Blonde Tom ushers in a new 'golden age' and shows how we can switch up our ingredients and brewing methods. We’re so excited to share Blonde Tom with our customers and hope they love it as much as we do… it really is something to look forward to.”

This new Blonde Tom formula takes the heritage of one of the world’s best beers (and arguably one of the world's first craft beers) – Old Tom – and gives it an inspired new twist with Belgian Yeast. With a fresh recipe that combines Belgian yeast, and quintessentially English hops alongside European varieties, subtle aromas of banana and vanilla, a spicy clove tang, and a smooth easy drinking malt character, Blonde Tom is light, refreshing and memorable, and arrives with an ABV of 6%.

Incurably optimistic, Blonde Tom is best served with lots of friends and making plans.

Blonde Tom, together with the full Old Tom range, is now available to buy online via the Robinsons Brewery website, in selected Robinsons’ pubs, in selected North West Asda stores and will be available in selected Booths stores from July. Additional store listings will be announced via the Old Tom social media pages.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information by following Old Tom’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information on Robinsons’ beers, please visit the ‘Our Beers’ page on the Robinsons website.

Watch ‘the making of Blonde Tom’ video here: 

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