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Robinsons pub operator Darren Sayle competes in 12 mile brooks hell runner
Robinsons pub operator Darren Sayle competes in 12 mile brooks hell runner

Multiple Robinsons’ pub operator, Darren Sayle and his team mate, battled through 12 miles of tormenting terrain at ‘Brooks Hell Runner: Hell up North’ event in the name of charity; raising £1643 for Macmillan Cancer Care. The annual endurance run was held at Delamere Forest, Cheshire, on Saturday 2nd November 2013.

Taking just over 3 hours to complete, Darren and his fellow team member Andy Smith, together with 2000 other competitors, battled against 12 miles of unforgiving conditions on the cold November morning. Supported by Claire Darlington, trainer and owner of Delamere Outdoor Fitness, the team battled their way through hellish conditions and evil obstacles.

Speaking on the event, Darren jokingly said: “the pre-event weather conditions were ideal as it had rained very heavily over the last two weeks, resulting in lots of thick mud to contend with.

After wading through mud up to 5 feet deep, The White Lion (Alvanley) Operator had to contend with such wicked obstacles as the “Hills of Hell” – a two mile steep hill in Delamere Forest, “The Bog of Doom” – a stretch of deep muddy bogs that have claimed many a competitors running shoes, and the sub-zero “Lake of Lucifer”... all designed to push competitors to their absolute limit.

No matter the conditions, they compare nothing to that of those living with cancer and how the disease affects the people around them. ‘Macmillan Cancer Care’ rely heavily on donations; having funded 98% of their income in 2012 from voluntary contributions. 

The charity was chosen by the Alvanley Charity Fund of which I am a founder trustee,explains Darren. “The charity was set up in my village three years ago and each year we support a different headline charity. I am very proud of money we have raised for Macmillan Cancer Care and knowing that the money raised will make a huge difference to the lives of all involved was a great motivator as we battled through the best ‘Mother Nature’ had to offer.

Brooks Hell Runner is an annual 3-part event which takes place across three different locations in the UK: Hell up North was the first of the three, Hell down South in January 2014, and Hell in the Middle in April 2014.

The most ever raised by an individual taking part in any Brooks Hell Runner is just under £2000. Darren raised an incredible £1643.

In 2012, across the three events, 8,150 competitors battled their way up mountainous hills, through freezing water and treacherous mud all in the aide of fundraising for their respective charities.  Over 10,000 spectators come each year to support the runners, with over £80,000 being raised in total for charity in 2012.

Darren intends on participating in Hell down South in January and Hell in the Middle in April to complete the trio of Hellish events.

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