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The 9th of May 2013 was certainly a day to remember in Robinsons staggering 175 year legacy as they expected a product launch like no other before … and they were not disappointed! With a reception attended by over 100 influential brewing trade representatives from both the UK and Internationally, TROOPER beer was officially launched.

And what better venue to pull the first cask pint of Trooper than the brew house in which the beer was made. Robinsons brand new multi million pound Visitors Centre was aptly and tastefully kitted out in full Trooper garb. The stylish back bar was stacked with gleaming bottles of this new Premium British Beer, the solid copper bar proudly displayed the striking Trooper pump clip (soon to be seen on bars all over the country), and even the foodstuff was specially created using Trooper ale.

Iron Maiden's lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson pouring a pint of his TROOPER beerBruce Dickinson not only attended the Trade Launch, but he also conducted a tour of the Brewery to explain to everyone first-hand the process of exactly how Trooper beer is made… Robinsons Brewery were so impressed with Bruce’s tour they offered him a slot as a Robinsons brewery tour guide (if he ever gets tired of performing to millions of Maiden fans, flying airplanes and fencing).

Robinsons Managing Director Oliver Robinson then gave a short speech about how the Iron Maiden/Robinsons collaboration came about and he presented Bruce with a specially engraved Brewery hand pump, in recognition of Trooper being the Fastest Ever Selling New Robinsons Beer. 

After much anticipation, Bruce then pulled the first-ever pint of Trooper from the cask in the Brewery bar amid loud applause from the assembled crowd. Everyone then got down to the serious business of tasting the beer for themselves and it was very well received judging by the number of smiling faces and approving comments heard around the room… not to mention the additional number of second, third and fourth pints consumed. 

In fact Robinsons’ own Head Brewer, Martyn Weeks pronounced it his favourite beer, and renowned beer writer Pete Brown remarked how he found Trooper to be very good indeed and extremely drinkable.

Finally when Bruce was asked to sum up his new ale in one word, he grinned and said ‘Trooperb’!

The unprecedented upfront demand for the beer meant that Robinsons had to brew three times a day, six days a week for the first time ever in the Brewery’s 175 year history to cope with pre-orders in excess of 300,000 pints … and that was before the beer had even been tasted. Robinsons have been overwhelmed by the number of enquiries they’ve had from all over the world (below is a comprehensive list of whereabouts the interest has come from – a staggering 184 countries!)

Trooper is now available to order online throughout most of the EU, and Robinsons are working flat-out to ensure it will be available to the rest of the world as soon as possible. For updates on when Trooper is coming to a pub, bar or supermarket in your town/country keep checking and follow IronMaidenBeer on Facebook or Twitter.

Worldwide response: (in order of popularity)
1. Brazil
2. United States
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. Germany
6. Sweden
7. Spain
8. France
9. Mexico
10. Chile
11. Russia
12. Poland
13. Norway
14. Argentina
15. Japan
16. Portugal
17. Italy
18. Australia
19. Finland
20. Netherlands
21. Czech Republic
22. Colombia
23. Greece
24. Belgium
25. India
26. Turkey
27. Switzerland
28. Ireland
29. Ukraine
30. Denmark
31. Romania
32. Serbia
33. Hungary
34. Bulgaria
35. Austria
36. Peru
37. Croatia 38. Slovakia
39. New Zealand
40. Venezuela
41. Ecuador
42. Slovenia
43. Paraguay
44. Costa Rica
45. Singapore
46. El Salvador
47. Israel
48. Iceland
49. Bosnia & Herzegovina
50. Uruguay
51. South Africa
52. Puerto Rico
53. Belarus
54. South Korea
55. Cyprus
56. Bolivia
57. Indonesia
58. Malaysia
59. Guatemala
60. United Arab Emirates
61. Thailand
62. Estonia
63. Macedonia
64. Philippines
65. Panama
66. Taiwan
67. Luxembourg
68. Hong Kong SAR China
69. Latvia
70. Lithuania
71. China
72. Moldova
73. Malta
74. Angola 75. Dominican Republic
76. Lebanon
77. Trinidad & Tobago
78. Mozambique
79. Saudi Arabia
80. Kazakhstan
81. Faroe Islands
82. Honduras
83. Morocco
84. Egypt
85. Aland Islands
86. Qatar
87. Isle of Man
88. Georgia
89. Guernsey
90. Vietnam
91. Albania
92. Montenegro
93. Jersey
94. Nicaragua
95. Andorra
96. Bangladesh
97. Bahrain
98. Cape Verde
99. Sri Lanka
100. Nepal
101. Pakistan
102. Reunion
103. Kuwait
104. Liechtenstein
105. Barbados
106. Jamaica
107. Jordan
108. Algeria
109. Haiti
110. Tunisia
111. Brunei 112. New Caledonia
113. Iraq
114. Armenia
115. Mauritius
116. Libya
117. Gibraltar
118. Nigeria
119. Oman
120. Ghana
121. Monaco
122. Iran
123. Kenya
124. Azerbaijan
125. Martinique
126. French Polynesia
127. Aruba
128. Syria
129. Greenland
130. Guam
131. French Guiana
132. Macao SAR China
133. Bermuda
134. Bahamas
135. Cambodia
136. Suriname
137. Kyrgyzstan
138. Uganda
139. Tanzania
140. Cayman Islands
141. Namibia
142. Yemen
143. Maldives
144. Myanmar
145. Guadeloupe
146. Belize
147. Afghanistan
148. Uzbekistan 149. Saint Lucia
150. Saint Kitts & Nevis
151. Madagascar
152. British Virgin Islands
153. San Marino
154. Benin
155. Saint Pierre & Miquelon
156. Botswana
157. Senegal
158. Djibouti
159. Tajikistan
160. Laos
161. Bhutan
162. Ivory Coast
163. Togo
164. Gabon
165. U.S. Virgin Islands
166. Zimbabwe
167. Mongolia
168. Palestinian Territory
169. Sao Tome & Principe
170. East Timor
171. Turks & Caicos Islands
172. Mayotte
173. Papua New Guinea
174. Sudan
175. Guinea
176. Marshall Islands
177. Cuba
178. Antigua & Barbuda
179. Palau
180. Mali
181. Northern Mariana Islands
182. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
183. Rwanda
184. Vanuatu

All photos: Rick Schofield © 2013 Iron Maiden Holdings Ltd

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