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Generating footfall is one of the main struggles for pubs in January. Here are some top tips to try on social media to attract customers:


NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS – Think of what your customer’s resolutions are, along with you and your Staff. Then post about that. E.g. Post that Jenny our bar staff member has set herself a challenge of not eating any chocolate. Then post how she is getting on through the month with pictures of them taking out desserts. Or even worse if, and when they break the resolution. Or do the same with your regulars. Many people look to take up a new hobby in January as a resolution. Have the sports team in your pub post about their nights and looking for new members.

– Many people will look to pick healthier food options in January to offset the Christmas food excesses. Post videos and pictures of the salads and other healthy choices. Show them those dishes being prepared. Even consider showing them that your food is locally sourced. Customers will appreciate the health bonus more if it is locally sourced.

'DRYANUARY' or 'TRJANUARY' – Advertise the USP’s of your soft drinks menu or alcohol-free beers. Or push a brand new product for customers to try. Consider doing samples. Just posting that you have other choices will make them feel more comfortable about coming to the pub.

TRENDING DAYS OF THE YEAR – Every day of the year has an attached theme such as the 1st of January which is Bloody Mary Day. These days always trend on social media. Posting using these days (with hashtags where necessary) will gain you reach and can plant ideas like that you sell bloody Mary’s in their heads. Use to plan to see what each special day, month or week it is.

– Many pubs often put their training off until quiet times like in January. When you have these training sessions film them and post them. If you are informing your staff about products such as a beer tasting, use the live social media functions.

– Many pubs look at January as a good time to push their gins. Artistic Spirit pubs do very well on social media, particularly on Instagram. Posting about them in January will help you get greater reach.


POST ABOUT THE YEAR AHEAD – You may have a full calendar of events lined up for the year. If you are planning festivals and other events, you can post a calendar to let people know.

– If you have any promotions planned, post about them tagging them as being part of a January sale. January sales will trend throughout the month and by posting using that as a hashtagged term will help generate sales.

KEEP AN EYE ON THE NEWS FOR WHAT'S TRENDING - Try to post linking to current news stories. Simple things like ‘tired of hearing about Brexit, come down to the [PUB NAME] for a beer’. Trending news stories get more reach if you tie into them. They could also help reach some new customers.

-You have the interest in January & the time to master it. Setting up a new platform can attract people you may not have reached before.

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