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Robinsons Brewery re-opens The Airport pub and Gill after a 16 week investmentAs of TODAY, it’s ‘all aboard’ at The Airport Pub & Grill near Manchester Airport as the pub, together with a new offering and a new team of staff, re-opens its doors to the public following an impressive investment from Robinsons Brewery.

Closing for a period of 16 weeks, the pub has received a complete overhaul creating what the brewery design team have described as “the most unique refurbishment in Robinsons’ history!”

“We’ve thrown the rulebook out,” said Simon Taylor, Business Development Manager for Robinsons’ new Managed Houses operation. “The scale of this refurbishment is something that has never been seen within our estate and we can’t wait to finally unveil the new look to our customers on Wednesday.”

Located on Ringway Road just 50 feet away from Manchester Airport’s Terminal 3 runway (the closest you can get to a plane without boarding it in the UK), the pub is already a prime destination for aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters, who travel from all over the country to take advantage of its unique location.

Complete with spitfire arm chairs and jet engine booth seating, a bar full of award-winning craft and cask beers and beverages, ‘little aviators’ activity packs, and a BBQ Meat Crate worth travelling for, The Airport Pub & Grill is a family-friendly destination that offers something for everyone and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Robinsons Brewery re-opens The Airport pub and Gill after a 16 week investmentFrom vintage propeller fittings to quirky retro 3D art installations, flying ducks dressed in mini pilot outfits to blueprints of vintage aeroplanes, the new décor offers a visual avalanche of aeronautical exuberance and allows customers and diners of all ages to feel part of the action as they watch the world fly by. Feeling peckish? Work your way through the new carefully crafted menu of British, American and European inspired burgers, steaks, BBQ ribs, pizza planks and indulgent desserts. With an extensive wine list and award winning craft ales alongside a range of cocktails; come breakfast, brunch or lunch there is always something new to explore.

With fantastic local transport links and a gateway to the largest international airport outside of the capital, we're hoping the new vision for The Airport Pub & Grill will also attract professionals seeking a memorable venue for a business meeting and complement the ongoing £800m construction of Manchester’s Airport City; due to conclude in 2032.

The Airport Public House & Grill is a very important development as it marks a move back into Managed Houses for Robinsons Brewery. 

William Robinson, Managing Director (Pubs Division) of Robinsons Brewery commented: “We’re excited for this next evolutionary step in our history. Whilst we have previously operated in managed houses, The Airport is our first flagship Managed House and signifies the start of several high profile developments across our estate.”

Robinsons Brewery re-opens The Airport pub and Gill after a 16 week investmentCongratulating his team on what has been an exceptional year of noteworthy design schemes resulting in many awards, including Robinsons being shortlisted for the Publican’s ‘Best Community Business Pub Operator’ award (the winner of which will be revealed this year), William said: “2014 was a big year for everyone at Robinsons.  Our design team has excelled and created some of the most innovative and talked about designs that Robinsons’ has ever seen and 2015 is set to be no exception as we prepare for the largest year of pub investments in our 175 year history.”

Boarding passes at the ready.

To find out more about the Airport Pub & Grill or to book a table please phone 0161 498 8536 or visit to sign up and be the first to hear all about the latest offers and events at The Airport Pub & Grill. And don't forget to follow the Airport's flight path on Facebook and Twitter

Robinsons Brewery re-opens The Airport pub and Gill after a 16 week investment

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