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Unicorn Black

Unicorn Black

Unicorn Black

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A dark stout singing with rich flavour.

A modern twist on an aged old recipe, Unicorn Black is a dark, mysterious, ebony coloured stout with a distinct aroma of roasted malt and chocolate.

Unicorn Black delivers a palate of roasted coffee and peppery hops. Rich, full-bodied and deeply satisfying. Perfectly balanced with a memorable bitter-sweet after-taste.

Contains: Malted BARLEY and WHEAT.

500ml x 8 £15.00.

Did you know? You can get 2 cases of beer shipped for the same delivery cost? So why not double up for twice the beer fun?!


Tasting Notes

See Dark Chocolate
Smell Roasted malt
Taste Rich, Dry, Burnt Coffee

Sweet Dizzy Blonde Sweetness 2 out of 5

Bitter Old Tom Bitterness 3.5 out of 5

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