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Helles Lager Bier


Helles Lager Bier

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Helles, (pronounced ‘Hell Es’) is a traditional German pale lager bier. 

It’s all about the brewing process…

We begin with a specially selected premium lager yeast & a variety of classic Noble European hops & throw in some Perle for a little bittering, then the Tettnang & Hersbrucker hops to add character.

During fermentation, we add some Saaz for an earthy & floral hint & finally the Mandarina Bavaria hop to give an extra subtle hint of lemon complexity to the taste & aroma.

Sweetness balanced with a light bitterness, delicately hopped, clear & light, it’s the epitome of a thirst-quenching lager bier. 

Expertly crafted, effortlessly smooth

Contains: Malted BARLEY and WHEAT.


Tasting Notes

See very pale yellow
Smell Floral
Taste delicate, soft, lager

Sweet Dizzy Blonde Sweetness 2 out of 5

Bitter Old Tom Ginger Bitterness 2 out of 5

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