TROOPER – The Collection 2

Premium Ale

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Introducing TROOPER The Collection 2 - a 12 bottle mixed pack full of our best award-winning TROOPER beers.

Included in each box of TROOPER The Collection 2:

  • TROOPER 666 – 6.6% Premium British Beer brewed at a higher gravity – first released in 2015
  • TROOPER Red ‘N’ Black – 6.8% British porter – first released in 2016
  • TROOPER Hallowed – 6.0% Belgium style hybrid ale – first released in 2017
  • TROOPER Sun and Steel – 4.8% sake infused pilsner – first released in 2019
  • TROOPER IPA - a seasonable 4.3% IPA with a great hoppy taste - first released in 2020
  • TROOPER Fear of the Dark - a dark chocolate stout; full bodied and rich in flavour - first released in 2020

330ml X 12 in a cardboard flight case - £24.99

Did you know? You can get 2 cases of beer shipped for the same delivery cost? So why not double up for twice the beer fun?!

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Dietary Guidelines

Contains: Malted BARLEY and WHEAT

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