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Robinsons brewery experience

Safety Notes


For your comfort and well-being

The brewery is usually warm but some stairways may be cool or cold in winter.

The wearing of sensible footwear is recommended for all visitors (no high heels or open toe shoes).

Please use toilets before the tour commences. There are none en-route.

Please keep up with your guide and keep together. You can easily get lost! Should this happen ask any member of our staff to help you. If all else fails, go to level 3 (Copper Room) and wait there.

Brew House rules

There is a no eating or drinking rule from the moment we leave the Visitor Centre, until we return. There is no smoking on any part of the site at any time.

Please do not touch, interfere or in anyway tamper with wires, switches, valves (taps), push buttons, emergency stops etc. Please comply with your tour guide’s instructions at all times.

For the greater enjoyment of the tour by fellow guests and as a courtesy to your guide, unless absolutely necessary, please turn off your mobile phone.

If you are accompanied by an assistance dog, (showing the ADUK symbol / logo on their working jackets or harness) it should be kept on a handheld lead at all times and not carried.  No other dogs or pets are allowed in the brew house.

For your safety

There are many flights of stairs, including a long climb to the top at the start. Always take hold of a handrail and go one step at a time, whether going up or down.         

Advise your guide if you suffer from blackouts, dizziness, serious hearing or sight difficulties or any likely sudden disablement problems (e.g. angina).

In one or two areas, there are low pipes or other things on which you could bang your head. We have wherever possible made these highly visible and / or placed insulation on them. But do look up as well as down, especially on narrow stairways.

You can look inside most of the vessels (tanks) using a ‘porthole’ in the manway door.  Be aware that vessels may be very hot so, to be safe, do not touch the vessels nor any pipes which may also be hot. We have insulated all pipes wherever we believe there to be a hazard.

In the fermenting room, very pungent and choking carbon dioxide is given off by the yeast. Do not lean over, or lower your head towards the contents of a fermenting vessel (vat). Under no circumstances place any object on the vessel brims, including for hygiene sake, your hands.

In one or two places strobe lights and audible signals or alarms may be in use. These may be indicating to our staff, for instance, a cleaning cycle is in progress. They do not necessarily show that anything is wrong. If you are adversely affected by strobe lights, we advise against taking a brewery tour.  Some parts of the process generate significant noise but not to a dangerous level.

Please remember this is a working brewery. We have a full time team of maintenance staff and they may be working in areas you visit. Occasionally diversions from the normal tour route may be necessary due to maintenance or cleaning.


Should there be a fire or other emergency (continuous very loud sound and / or tannoy message) follow your guide to the nearest assembly point. If you become separated, follow the nearest exit sign, and make your way, outside the building, back to the Visitor Centre carpark in Apsley Street, opposite to the Visitor Centre entrance. Be aware that we operate regular practices, suffer occasional false alarms, and hope we never have a real emergency. But we treat them all as a real emergency for everyones safety and peace of mind. Whatever the cause, we need to account for every person, so please stay with (or rejoin) your group.  When the practice or emergency is over, we will restart your tour if at all possible.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable tour and will feel you can recommend us to your family and friends. If anything is not to your entire satisfaction please let your guide know as we would want to do even better next time.

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