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Robinsons uncover Swishing Tail: an innovative brew exclusively for shire horses

Robinsons Shire Horses' Swishing Tail April Fool Ale
Robinsons launch new beer for horses

Robinsons Brewery, leading brewers based in the heart of Stockport for almost 180 years, have announced the release of their newly developed animal friendly aletoday, invented solely for their much-adored Shire horses; Hopnik, Wizard and Bobek.

The brand-new straw-coloured Swishing Tail encapsulates rich flavours of hay and strong roasted malt, accompanied by hints of sweet carrot and a twist of swede root. The special formula has been worked on for over one year, and the recipe has been created in accordance to the horse’s favourite treats. Ingredients are blended to create a distinct taste with a unique aroma, and the liquid is formed using Robinsons’ state of the art brewing equipment, creating the perfect thirst quencher for Robinsons’ renowned Shire horses to enjoy after a long day of exercising or representing the company at shows nationwide.

Gill Yates, Brand Manager for Robinsons Brewery, said: “2016 was a great year for Robinsons, and we wanted to try something completely new for 2017. There are lots of beers for dogs emerging in the drinks market at present, so we thought, since our horses are such an important part of our brewing heritage, it was high time we found a way to bring the great taste of beer to them as well.

Robinsons brewery Swishing Tail Ale for shire horses
Contains strong flavours of hay

The formula for Swishing Tail Ale has been in the development process for over one year, as we had to make sure the flavour and liquid were of the absolute best quality for our gentle giants. We have finally perfected the delicious ale for our Shire horses, and today they get their first taste!”

A familiar and much loved part of Stockport and Robinsons’ rich heritage, Hopnik, Wizard and Bobek are the latest in a long line of Shire horses which, apart from a brief interruption during the First World War when all horses were sold for war duties, have served Robinsons Brewery for over 100 years.

Helen Preece, Head Horse Person for Robinsons Brewery, said: “Our boys are good loyal workers! Whether it’s representing Robinsons at regional events, weddings and shows, making guest appearances at pub openings, or just keeping up appearances exercising in and around Stockport, the boys earn their keep. And we believe, like any staff member, they too deserve a drink after a hard day’s work. Well, now they can! We’re overjoyed to produce a beer in their honour, and can’t wait for them to taste their very own version of the nation’s favourite drink – beer – for the first time!”

Robinsons Shire Horses' Swishing Tail April Fool Ale
Swishing Tail Ale for gentle giants

Additional plans involve expanding the range in the future with flavours such as banana, peach and even polo mint; which is Bobek’s favoured indulgence. Robinsons plan to make this beer available for the public to purchase so that all horses can enjoy a cold beer in the sun – release dates to be confirmed.

For the latest news, brews and views, and to keep up to date with Robinsons’ Shire horse’s whereabouts, follow Hopnik, Wizard and Bobek on Facebook at Robinsons Shire Horses

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