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Licensees' Simon and Heidi Crompton at their Robinsons' pub The Healey
Licensees' Simon and Heidi Crompton at their Robinsons' pub The Healey

The Healey  a traditional public house situated on Shawclough Road, Rochdale has undergone an extensive refurbishment following a joint investment from Robinsons Brewery and long-serving tenants Simon and Heidi Crompton.

The £400k refurbishment sees The Healey restored to its former glory as a local beer shrine that is as stunning on the inside as the wildlife that adorns the nearby Healey Dell.
 No strangers to the trade, Simon and Heidi are ale aficionados with a flair for all things Cask. As licensees of another local favourite, they have previously attained the very prestigious recognition of CAMRA’s (Campaign for Real Ale) ‘National Pub of the Year’ award.

'Beer Shrines’ such as The Healey have been growing in popularity. They offer a host of real cask ales from several breweries at a time with an emphasis on rotating the selection to give customers a cask experience that’s bursting with choice. The new Healey is hoping to attract the growing crowd of drinkers who are swapping traditional lagers in favour of full bodied ales.

The 2013-2014 edition of the Cask Report supports the trend that cask ale has outgrown its ‘old man’ image. The number of cask ale drinkers under the age of 35 is growing on a yearly basis, in fact 63% of licensees that were surveyed agreed that cask ale is starting to attract younger customers and also more females to their pubs. Studies show that ale drinkers are more likely to visit pubs because it is the only place to really find a good pint of hand-pulled cask; a comforting fact during a down trend in national drinking figures.

Robinsons pub The Heley receives a £400,000 joint investment from Robinsons Brewery and long serving licensees
Robinsons pub The Heley receives a £400,000 joint investment from Robinsons Brewery and long serving licensees

Speaking on the shift in drinkers, Heidi Crompton said: “Cask ale is really becoming popular. Industry promotion and witty ale names has led to this increase in popularity. We are hoping that our real ales along with the revamp will result in an increase in trade with people coming to us as a ‘destination pub’.

The pub had a lot of charm but was starting to look a little datedrecalls Robinsons Business Development Consultant, Paul Howarth, “the kitchen was badly placed and the pub was simply not big enough to accommodate the demand. The kitchen has now been moved into the adjoining terrace house; creating almost a third more floor space to accommodate the many customers frequenting this thriving pub.

The revamp took place over several weeks and was designed to ensure that the pub kept the character which attracted the locals to it in the first place,explains Paul, “we’ve remodeled the toilets and have new glazed patio doors that open up into new outside decking; it really makes the pub feel bigger and will be a great hotspot during the long summer days.

The new Healey looks amazing, the rooms have opened up and provide flexibility for functions and events,remarked Heidi, “the eclectic furniture with a mixture of ‘old and new’ has a great look and ambience and, with the new kitchen, we can provide high quality homemade food to match our excellent drink service.

Robinsons The Healey receives a joint investment from Robinsons Brewery and long serving licensees'
Inside the newly refurbished, The Healey pub

Now taking Christmas bookings, join Heidi and Simon at the newly refurbished Healey. Expect a warm welcome with a choice excellent homemade food and a great cask ale.

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