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Robinsons Brewery introduce a 330ml bottle for their TROOPER brand
Robinsons Brewery introduce a 330ml bottle for their TROOPER brand

ROBINSONS BREWERY have announced that TROOPER – their most successful new beer ever developed,  in conjunction with IRON MAIDEN and their vocalist Bruce Dickinson – will be available in 330ml glass bottle for the first time.

After listening to feedback from thirsty TROOPER fans across the world, Robinsons and IRON MAIDEN made special arrangements for a smaller 330ml measurement to be available in both single bottles and multi-packs (4 x 330ml) at 4.7% ABV from April onwards.

Speaking on the latest brand development, Robinsons Brand Manager John Robinson said:

The 330ml is an ideal brand extension for the UK off and on-trade sector but also for worldwide distribution. We have almost 100,000 beer fans on social media and this has been a fantastic tool for speaking directly to our customers and more importantly listening. It became clear that their needs were not being met. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live close by a British pub that sells TROOPER in cask. We had to do something about that. Driven chiefly by customer demands, we identified this as a gap in the market and we have worked really hard to make this available to fans ahead of the one year anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks’time.

Previously only available in 500ml single bottles or cask format, the 330ml bottles will share the same trademark TROOPER characteristics of premium quality and a superb taste experience, just in a more accessible and  manageable measurement.

Robinson continues to explain how the 330ml version could appeal to a wider range of consumers who are increasingly turning to the bottled real ale sector:

Small-format premium beers that aren’t too filling can work perfectly as a quality offering in a number of bars that either don’t have a cask ale option or where a complete pint from a bottle would not carry the same cachet. Perfect for music events, BBQs, the increasing number of female ale drinkers, and of course the export market, the hand sized 330ml is an ideal size for customers to experience the taste without overdoing it.

Commenting on the launch of the new bottle, Val Janes, Head of Marketing at Phantom Music, Iron Maiden Management said:

We found that young people preferred a smaller bottle, and over the years some of our original fans may have changed their lifestyle, but the band’s imagery is still very powerful and evocative.  Iron Maiden’s style and artwork is unique and very distinctive, so we are expecting a huge take up when they spot the beer in the fridges of their local club, pub or bar. Eddie is an icon and the TROOPER Eddie artwork and Iron Maiden logo will jump out at them and carry the Maiden intrinsic values which resonate with the band’s following. So when the fans spot it or see someone holding a bottle of this hand sized TROOPER they will just have to try it and are sure to love the ‘charged with flavour’ taste.” 

It’s great to work with Robinsons as they really understand the power and importance of keeping the Maiden ethos for quality and integrity at the heart of everything we do” continued Val. “This is especially relevant given how competitive the beer market is. But Bruce and the band always emphasised that they wanted to establish the beer organically and focus on the long-term rather than the short-term. The ultimate goal being to make TROOPER a very popular British ale worldwide – I think we are well on the way to achieving that.

The first shipment of 330ml bottles have already been distributed internationally. 

For more information on how to get your hands on the 330ml bottle please contact: for Off Trade and Export for On Trade

For all other TROOPER updates visit and follow IronMaidenBeer on Facebook or Twitter.

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